(No) Limits: Calculate your way to peak performance & Project Loom in practice

Software engineering is about discovering limits. Your own limits as a developer, but also the limits of your application. How do we reach peak performance while ensuring our application is capable of enduring peak loads? At our next MeetUp on March 8, this will be the main theme of two interesting talks.

In the first talk, Ilja Booij will talk about his work at JOIN Cycling. How can we combine data from devices like heart rate monitors to calculate our way to peak performance? Our second speaker of the night, Jeroen Resoort, will zoom in on how Project Loom uses Java Virtual Threads to reach peak perfomance of applications. Are they the silver bullet we're looking for?

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Talk #1: Calculate your way to peak performance
Elite endurance athletes and their coaches often talk about “building towards peak fitness”. But what is “peak fitness”? Can we measure it or is it more like an art form? If we can measure it, can we also calculate how to get there?

In this talk we will take a look at the science and art of training for endurance events and races, with a focus on cycling. You will learn how we can use devices like heart rate monitors and power meters to measure performance and bodily responses and use those inputs to determine our fitness and the path to peak performance. And then we also see where the art comes into play.

Ilja Booij is tech lead at JOIN Cycling, creators of the JOIN Cycling app, which provides adaptive training plans for cyclists of all levels. He is also an occasional runner, but mostly an avid cyclist with a love for long days in the saddle.

Talk #2: Project Loom in practice - Java Virtual Threads are not a silver bullet
Project Loom introduced virtual threads called fibers, a lightweight and efficient alternative for old fashioned thread pools. Project Loom promises applications that handle resources more effectively, are easier to maintain and can handle peak pressure better. So does it live up to these promises?

In this session, Jeroen Resoort, will investigate a multithreaded application and compare using virtual threads with old fashioned thread pools. He will demonstrate how virtual threads can be used in projects and try out the new Structured Concurrency API. Don't miss it, because this talk will demonstrate how you can start building multi-threaded applications that are more stable and robust when under pressure.

Jeroen Resoort is an Enterprise Java Consultant at JDriven, currently working at a large railroad company.

This event will take place at our office in Nieuwegein on March 8. We will provide a nice dinner for everyone present. Please see below for a detailed timetable and the address of our office.

17:00 - 18:00 Walk in and dinner
18:00 - 18:10 Welcome by Rob Brinkman - Founder JDriven
18:10 - 19:00 Talk #1 - Ilja Booij
19:00 - 19:15 Break
19:15 - 20:15 Talk #2 - Jeroen Resoort
20:15 - Drinks & networking